Young Italian Architects 2014 – VATTOVANI

andrea vattovani architecture

Rots is a new concept of working environment for young people.
We developed two types of studios like ateliers with two sizes. In order to offer the studio users everything could be needed, we put in the basement a work laboratory with machinery, one auditorium to present the own work and exhibition spaces and a sky bar.
We felt right away the silo would have strongly influenced the project in some way. The site was an ex-packaging factory so we had somehow to create boxes. We had also another important element: the water basin that grew naturally after the site was dismissed.
We removed the water and as symbol of the old element and we replaced it with glass. Under the glass we put a basement with all workshops spaces. We packed our program in many boxes and develop a system of singular units of 100m2 and just put them in a chaotic way on the site. We had to give some order to this complete chaos and we piled the boxes in 4 towers. We extended symbolically the silo to the sky by twisting the towers around it. With the twist we achieved terraces for every unit and a vertical promenade to the top of the tower to claim exercise and movement.
The final design propose 2843 m2 for the basement workshop space with adjacent storage room, toilets and cafeterias. This space together also with the 450 m2 auditorium. Over that the silo the ateliers divided in 31 single unit with 100m2 and 17 double unit with 220m2. At the top of the tower there is an exhibition space and a sky. On the roof top there is also a panoramic terrace with an open view on 360┬░ of Guangzhou.
(andrea vattovani architecture)

scarica la scheda n.01 del progetto
scarica la scheda n.02 del progetto

nome studio: andrea vattovani architecture
nome progetto: rots
luogo: guangzhou, china
progettisti: andrea vattovani
collaboratori: mario keusch, michael sattler, lukas einzinger
periodo di progettazione: dicembre 2012 – gennaio 2013
destinazione intervento: atelier per giovani creativi e laboratori con auditorium
dimensioni opera: 7.500 mq

note biografiche
andrea vattovani architecture (graz – austria).
andrea vattovani (trieste, 1979).

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