PROGETTO FINALISTA – Young Italian Architects 2014 – TEDESCHI

arturo tedeschi architecture and computational design

The Cloudbridge was conceived as a non-linear connection between mountains. We have in mind Himalayan Landscape, Alps and Andes. We tried to merge computational techniques with a visionary and provocative approach which considers architecture as a part of natural landscape. The path between two points, located on opposite sides is drawn in order to provide an exciting experience, suspended between sky and mountain; a specific algorithm computes a cloud-shape grid which bears and balances the asymmetric loads of the footbridge. The structure is made up of small white steel beams joined together in a cubic modular frame; really easy to engineer and build. Cloudbridge is an attempt to imagine a new way to design a bridge, a visionary and playful manifesto which invites to explore new trajectories in architecture, rethinking the way we conceive buildings.
(a>t arturo tedeschi)

scarica la scheda n.01 del progetto
scarica la scheda n.02 del progetto

nome studio: arturo tedeschi architecture and computational design
nome progetto: cloudbridge
luogo: impervious places
progettisti: arturo tedeschi, maurizio arturo degni
periodo di progettazione: 2013
destinazione intervento: infrastructure, bridge
dimensioni opera: variable

note biografiche
a>t arturo tedeschi architecture and computational design (mormanno – cs).
arturo tedeschi (castrovillari – cs, 1979), maurizio arturo degni (avezzano – aq, 1984).

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