Young Italian Architects 2014 – +OUT

the hub. contemporary library

How many people do you see reading paper books on public transport these days? They are not giving up on information, they are using digital devices to access information. And that is why we argue that contemporary libraries are not about books anymore: they are about people accessing information and knowledge, sharing that information and connecting with each other. Like in your e-reader device or your smartphone, books are not stored in bookshelf, but in a virtual storage. With no books there is no need for tables and chairs, people are free to access to information and to sit where they like in a welcoming open space. An environment inspired by the concept of freedom: to read, move, share, communicate and interact. This project is not all about architecture. It ‘s also about the community. We are championing the creation of a space where people are truly welcomed, not just as users, but also as stakeholders, giving them a voice in terms of how they want this space to work.

scarica la scheda n.01 del progetto
scarica la scheda n.02 del progetto

nome studio: +out
nome progetto: the hub. contemporary library
luogo: worldwide
progettisti: santi musmeci, sebastiano maccarrone
consulenti: michelle zhang (pageone library/bookshop)
periodo di progettazione: 2013-2014
destinazione intervento:
dimensioni opera: from 56,25 sqm to 506,25 sqm

note biografiche
+out (beijing – cina).
santi musmeci (acireale – ct, 1984), sebastiano maccarrone (catania, 1983).

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