PROGETTO FINALISTA – Young Italian Architects 2014 – MADEOFFICE

madeoffice engineering & architecture
the european spiral: a universal symbol of the european union

The European Spiral is a museum and in particular a fascinating experience spiral path that allows visitors to learn about the history of each 27 countries that are part of the European Union. The history of each countries is intertwined and evolve together towards a future living. The choices of a country influence those of another as well as the fold of a spiral adapts to its neighbor. A path within the European cultural heritage of the past, the present and the future. Sinuous paths guides the user toward the system of elevators and stairs. The different level of the building are organized into functional islands interconnected through ramps and elevators, driving people through an always changing spaciality that makes the interior of the European Spiral Museum an experience mutable and always more thrilling for the visitor, allowing multiple kind of visual.
(madeoffice engineering & architecture)

scarica la scheda n.01 del progetto
scarica la scheda n.02 del progetto

nome studio: madeoffice engineering & architecture
nome progetto: the european spiral: a universal symbol of the european union
luogo: bruxelles – belgio
progettisti: pier paolo presta
periodo di progettazione: december 2012 o january 2013
destinazione intervento: museum
dimensioni opera: hmax= 45mt

note biografiche
madeoffice engineering & architecture (roma).
pier paolo presta (roma, 1980).

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