Pitch House o I├▒aqui Carnicero

Pitch House o I├▒aqui Carnicero


The design of these two semi-detached houses is addressed in a non-conventional manner. From the beginning, the two units were conceived as a single project, and although the program for both residences is identical, the layout is asymmetrical. The finished design answers to the clients ‘ needs, as well as offers the possibility of being transformed into a single house, envisioning a wider range of plausible scenarios in the future.The house is located in Los Pe├▒ascales o rocky area in Spanish o on a slope with many outcrops and oriented to the south. The building, however, does not relate to them, but rather turns its back to the immediate surroundings, interacting with the distant Pardo forest and with Madrid┬┤s skyline. While the design denies the abrupt topography of the site and the immediate context, the structure delicately leans on the existing rocks with a large horizontal plane that defines the footprint of the building.In the ground floor, the furniture is reduced to a single element with various functions: storage, kitchen counter, sitting area, and entrance windbreak. In the first floor, all the wardrobes are concentrated in one single strip that is attached to the fa├ºade, improving the thermal behavior of the building, and therefore reducing its energy consumption. This building hosts two dwelling units, but lacks the typical scale of a house. By abstracting traditional dwelling elements, the visitor is mislead and his attention redirected to the specificity of the environment.

Studio: I├▒aqui Carnicero

Project name: Pitch House


Location: Los Pe├▒ascales, Madrid, Spain

Client: Private client

Technical Architect: Manuel Iglesias Velasco

Building Engineer: JG

Construction: Anton Iakoviny Pitch

Budget: 390.000,00 Ôé¼

Image credits Courtesy of: ® I├▒aqui Carnicero

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