William J.R.Curtis: finalmente un fuori biennale fuori dal coro

William J.R. Curtis, il più importante storico dell’architettura contemporanea vivente, così bolla la biennale di Chipperfield , promuovendo invece le nostre iniziative Architects Meet in Fuori Biennale che si svolgeranno a Venezia il 27 e 28 agosto:

Dear LPP and Amici of the Presstletter etc
It is a very good thing that you and your colleagues are organising this parallel event for the young architects and critics in Venice. The Biennale is always full of ‘vieux elephants’ of whatever stylistic description!!! This talk of ‘common ground’ is a smokescreen masking a lack of any real position or agenda. You have only to look at that Jury to see how ‘establishment’ the whole thing is. But as usual with the Biennales there is always something fresh and interesting down some back alley or in some corner of the Arsenale. The ‘official agendas’ are less important than the unofficial interventions and unexpected shows of talent.
William J.R..Curtis

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