PROGETTO FINALISTA-Young Italian Architects 2012 – FIVE CORE

five core
treehouse – the new paradise on earth

A Tropical archipelago emerged from the Pacific Ocean, witness of an independent land, stands out from the deep sea to show people real heaven.
Warm extents, powerless compared to the infinite vastity of the ocean, hidden to our eyes only by the limit we call Horizon, which hides us what the inexorable nature prevents us to see.
Like a mother teaching her son the beauty of life following him step by step, waiting for more mature times.
An intense mix of wild disruptive phenomenons and fascinating landscapes delicate like the petals of the “Red fijian flower”.
A natural dynamic balance constantly changing, shocking in some ways, but always symbol of a future reorganization: a vortex, the inevitable meeting of opposite flows merging into a single element, to create a new life, like twin souls fused by the heat of love.
All these elements shape a raging system spreading palpable but invisible tensions, tamed by the well not defined forces humankind has learned to control and predict.
A unique collection, environment friendly, with a strong consistency that elegantly resumes a complex constructive problem still maintaining continuity and functions, due to the fluidity, resistance and flexibility of bamboo.
The entire structure interacts with emotional natural states, like rain and wind.
Soft and gentle lines are in relationship to the environment without affecting the natural habitat.
(five core)


scarica la scheda n.01 del progetto
scarica la scheda n.02 del progetto


nome studio: five core
nome progetto: treehouse o the new paradise on earth
luogo: fiji island, pacific ocean
progettisti: bergonzoni giacomo, cominetti matteo, magnani marco, pedrielli luca, tizzani francesco
periodo di progettazione: giungo 2010 o agosto 2010
destinazione intervento: fiji hotel resort & spa

note biografiche
giacomo bergonzoni (bologna, 1987), matteo cominetti (bologna, 1988), marco magnani (febbraio 1987), luca pedrielli (carpi, 1987), francesco tizzani (belluno,1987).

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