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Fiumara d ‘Arte o Sicilia – Tusa (ME) 1-8 July 2012


Fiumara d’Arte Foundation, along with AIAC and Press/Tfactory, are pleased to announce the first international workshop of design from 1st to 8th July 2012 at museum-hotel Atelier sul Mare (Castel di Tusa, Messina).

La Fondazione Fiumara d ‘Arte in collaborazione ad AIAC e Press/Tfactory, sono liete di presentare, il primo workshop internazionale di design, che si terrà a Tusa presso il museo-albergo Atelier sul mare, nella prima settimana di luglio 2012. Scarica il bando in Italiano


Download in English

Scarica il bando in italiano



Fondazione Antonio Presti o Fiumara d ‘Arte


Date: 1 o 8 July 2012

Language: Italian /English

Workshop level: Intermediate /Advanced

Workshop registration: 400 euros

Credits: 3 ECTS credits for 50 hours

Partner: ISIA Florence




Who it ‘s for

Architecture graduates and young artists with the ability for the design.





Activate synergies between the ability to conceive a project, various cultural approaches, and the sicilian reality of Fiumara d’ Arte. Redesign new spaces and associate disciplines (such as art, interior architecture, and design objects) with ad hoc design objects, through the realization of a room in the museum-hotel Atelier sul Mare.


Fiumara d ‘Arte Foundation and the design

After working for 30 years with international artists, searching a new ways of living through the contemporary art with the realization of unique rooms at the museum-hotel Atelier sul Mare, Fiumara d ‘Arte Foundation has decided to start a new path, drawing a new mission: no more a free individual creativity, but an exploration of the work of art as a collective process.

From this new concept, Fiumara d ‘Arte Foundation wants heading straight towards the contemporary design. The purpose is to create a permanent workshop where will be possible to experiment the design, through a selection and collaboration of local artisan companies, which means a mixture between the artistic process and the production of an object for a daily use. The idea is to institute a school able to develop a variety of signs that can be accepted to the public need.

Through this dialogue between the local artisan knowledge and the artistic “know how” of the artist-designer, those signs will be able to generate culture, to create new and unknown resources, giving an identity to Fiumara d ‘Arte district.


Workshop plan

During the workshop week, the competitors will be divided by groups of 7/8 persons coordinated by an international tutor, and they will perform both practical and theoretical activities. The practical activities will be performed beside the tutor, for 4 hours in the morning at the artisan companies of Fiumara d ‘Arte district. In order to perform theoretical activities, during the afternoon a daily tutors rotation will be applied.

The workshop will include the following topics:

Hotel room o design project

Every group will choice a topic and will prepare the room project, developing in detail the design of the furnishings, the light system, and the realization of an impossible bath room.

Workshop education

Every group will realize a manufactured object according the chosen topic: a chair, a table or a lamp realization, in close collaboration with tutor and the local artisans.

Study and theoretical notion

During the workshop, three hours will be dedicated to the theoretical notion and readings, held by the 7 tutors, the jury ‘s members, and the guests that have been invited to attend the workshop.

On July 7th the groups should hand in the project:

1. room prototype in scale 1/10 accompanied by explanatory drawing;

2. manufactured object realized – chair, table or lamp

All the products realized will be exposed. An international jury will choose the room project to be realized, and the most interesting manufactured object from those handed in by the groups.


Giovanni Levanti (Italy)

Mario Trimarchi (Italy)

Aldo Bakker – Droog (Holland)

Chris Kabel – Droog (Holland)

Michael Obrist – feld72 (Austrian)

Vered Zaykovsky (Israel)

Wyssem Nochi (Lebanon)

Scientific coordinator: Fiumara d’ Arte Foundation, Gaia Girgenti

Scientific partner: AIAC

Coordinator from Holland: Maria Elena Fauci


Realization of the room

Within 2012, the design room project selected by the jury, will be realized by the winning group. For this purpose the group will be responsible to organized and prepare the working drawing necessary for the project execution. The development of the room will be at Fiumara d ‘Arte Foundation expense. Moreover Fiumara d ‘Arte Foundation will provide the hospitality for a month (the time necessary for the realization of the room), and the reimbursements expenses for two assistants involved in support of the works (Ôé¼ 1000.00 for each person).



Manufactured object design realization

All the manufactured objects produced during the workshop will be shown in a design exhibition, and will be wholly Fiumara d ‘Arte Foundation owned. The winners will receive an award certificate, and they will have the diffusion and the publication of the design product in a wide range of design magazines. The foundation, moreover, undertakes to disseminate the work of design within cultural/art activities organized itself.


Workshop registration

The participants can email a request application and a short resume by 6th June 2012 at, specifying as object workshop registration. Fiumara d ‘Arte Foundation will look the applications received and will reply with a confirmation email with the info necessary to process the registration.



Lodging service

For those who are interested, Fiumara d ‘Arte Foundation proposes a list of accommodations distributed in the Museum-Hotel district. Please note that the Foundation act as information provider only, and it doesn ‘t assume any responsibility o excluding l ‘Atelier sul Mare o for complaints or dissatisfaction related to lodging reservation or accommodation procedure.


Bed and Breakfast accomodation

Museum-Hotel Atelier sul Mare in 3 beds room: Ôé¼50.00 per person, per night

Tusa or Santo Stefano di Camastra : B&B accommodation Ôé¼30.00 per person, per night

Furnished apartment (four people) Ôé¼ 500.00 per week


Restaurant service

Museum-Hotel Atelier sul Mare agreement lunch OR dinner Ôé¼ 20.00 per person



For info, specifying info request as subject

In order to contain, as much as possible, the cost of the Workshop participation, based on its beauty devotion, Fiumara d ‘Arte Foundation, has decided to organize the first workshop edition and the realization of the design rooms (including general costs) by its own expenses.





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